Peer Review Process

All Manuscripts submitted to ZygoScient are subjected to single blind peer review process, where the manuscript goes through at least 2 reviews. ZygoScient maintains identity of the reviewers by not disclosing their name to the authors which ensures unbiased assessment of review process as well as quality of the article.

Editorial Process (In Brief)

The editorial and peer review process is taken care of by team of experienced editorial members which includes Editorial manager, Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board Members who are well experienced in their specified fields. The roles of Editorial manager and editorial-in-chief is to assign manuscript to the editors. Editors are sought through invitations to organize and conduct the peer-review of a submitted manuscript, keeping in view the expertise of Editors and the scope of the manuscript.

Manuscripts are forwarded for evaluation to the editors and external reviewers to check whether the research work presented in the manuscript (1) meets the quality standards. (2) Falls under the scope of the journal.

Editors may recommend the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript by conducting peer review by themselves, based on their own knowledge and expertise, or by taking assistance and advice from other experts of the same field.

After thorough review of a manuscript by at list two experts, in addition to the review of the editor, the decision is relayed to the author. This may be:

  • Accept without changes.
  • Revision required
  • Reject

If revisions are required, then the author is expected to revise the manuscript as per reviewers’ comments within the specified time line and resubmit the manuscript for second round of review.

Selection of Reviewer

Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Board Members, have the full right when it comes to choosing the right reviewer for a manuscript considering the knowledge and area of expertise of the reviewer.

Before sending the manuscript to the reviewer ZygoScient seeks consent from the potential reviewer about their willingness and ability to review.