Editorial Board Members (JSCRT)

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ImageBiographyResearch Interest
Department of Surgery
Harvard medical school
Email: cschuetz@mgh.harvard.edu
Islet Transplantation, Autologous iPS derived Beta Cell replacement therapy, Beta cell regeneration, Transplantation Tolerance, Liver Xenotransplantation
Jack Zhang
Department of Urology
Shanghai Jiaotong University,
Tissue engineering and Stem cell
Erich Cosmi
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of Padua,
E-mail: erich.cosmi@unipd.it
Obstetrics Gynecology, Embryo Stem Cell, Metabolomic Profiling, Maternal Fetal Medicine
Eweida Ahmad
Department of Head & Neck Surgery
University of Alexandria,
Email: ahmad.eweida@alexmed.edu.eg
Tissue Engineering, Mandibular Bone Regeneration, Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Dominik Lenz
Department of Biology
University of Vila Velha,
Email: dominik.lenz@gmail.com
Pediatric Cardiology,
affinity chromatography, generating polyclonal antibodies, lyophilisation, gel electrophoresis, animal trials, generating competetive and Sandwich ELISAS
Filomain Nguemo
Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology
Medical School University of Cologne,
Email: filo.nguemo@uni-koeln.de
Stem cell research, Therapeutic application of ES and iPS cells, Embryonic stem (ES) and Induced pluripotent stem
Maryam Nazm Bojnordi
Department of Anatomical sciences
Tarbiat Modares University,
E-mail: bojnordi@Modares.ac.ir
Pluripotent stem cells: Embryonic stem cells and ES Like cells
derived from testis, culture and differentiation to Ectodermal,
Endodermal and Mesodermal layers.
Aurel Popa-Wagner
Department of Exp- Neurology
Medical University Greifswald,
Inflammatory therapy, Molecular Imaging, Neuroscience, Stem cell therapy, Proteomics and Transcriptomics
Francisco Forriol
Department Of Orthopaedic Surgery And Traumatology
Ceu San Pablo University,
E-mail: fforriol@mac.com
Bone Repair, Bone Lengthening, Cartilage And Meniscus, Biomaterials, Joint Repair And Biotechnology
Mario Petrini
Department Of Haematology
University Of Pisa,
E-mail: mario.petrini@med.unipi.it
Experimental Haematology
Liu Tianqing
Department Of Chemical Engineering
Dalian University Of Technology,
E-mail: liutq@dlut.edu.cn
Novel Bioreactor And Stem Cells 3d Culture; Stem Cell Expansion Scaffolds And Tissue Construction
Lukas Prantl
Department Of Applied Stem Cell Research
Klinikum Der Universität,
Plastic Surgery, Applied Stem Cell
Ali Namvaran
Department Of Toxicology
Shiraz University,
E-mail: dr.namvran@gmail.com
Pharmacology, Toxicology, Veterinary Medicine
Bibhukalyan Prasad Nayak
Department Of Biotechnology And Medical Engineering
National Institute Of Technology,
E-mail: crl.bpnayak@gmail.com
Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells (Bmscs) ,
Regenerative And Rehabilitation Medicine.
Neurodegenerative Diseases
Felice Achilli
Department Of Cardiology
São Leopoldo Mandic, Campinas Unit,
E-mail: felice.achilli@gmail.com
Heart Failure, Cardiovascular
Kedong SONG
Department Of Chemical Engineering
Dalian University of Technology,
E-mail: kedongsong@dlut.edu.cn
Novel biomedical materials, differentiation of stem cells
Giovanni Nicoletti
Department of Clinical, Surgical, Diagnostic and Paediatric Sciences
University of Pavia,
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,
Aesthetic Surgery,
Regenerative Medicine,
Mahmood S Choudhery
Department Of Tissue Engineering And Regenerative Medicine
The King Edward Medical University,
E-mail: drmahmood@kemu.edu.pk
Stem Cells And Regenerative Medicine, Cardiovascular Research And Stem Cell Transplantation, Caloric Restriction, Tissue Engineering
Benedetto Sacchetti
Department Of Histology And Human Ocular Anatomy
Roma Tre University,
E-mail: benedetto.sacchetti@uniroma1.it
Histology, Human Ocular Anatomy, Cell Biology And Tissue Engineering
Jacek Kubiak
Department Of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology
Warsaw International Healthcare Exhibition,
Developmental biology, Cell biology
Nayira Ahmed Mohamed Abd Elbaky
Department of Pharmacology
Al-Azhar University,
Email: nayiraabdelbaky@yahoo.com
Pharmacology and Toxicology, Antibiotics, Physiological Chemistry