About The Journal

All the articles published in Journal of Oral and Dental Science (JODS) are open access. I.e. it is freely available to any one on-line, which is possible only by article processing charge(APC).

Being an independent organization we take one time publishing fees so as to maintain published articles in on-line repositories. In addition to that articles need editing, formatting and graphics In order to meet academic standards.

Article processing charges (APC) for Journal of Oral and Dental Science (JODS) is 339$.

Note: All APC are subject to change without prior notice. We also reserve the right to correct misprints.

Article Processing Charges (APC) will be billed to the submitting author following the acceptance of an article for publication. Apart from these Article Process Charges, there are no other charges. Authors are requested to pay the charges before the due date.

Article withdrawal policies

As we process article within 10 days, an author is free to withdraw an article within the first 5 days of its initial submission. Once the article has gone through peer review process we incur costs on our end that need to be reimbursed, for which we charge a minimal amount of 40% of the applicable APC.

Refund Policy

Once an article has been accepted for publication, Submitting author becomes responsible for the billed article processing charges and the applicable APC become due. ZygoScient Research Insights will not issue refund of any kind.