Zygoscient is an international open access publishing organization which thrives to contribute to the scientific society with the combined effort of renowned scientists serving as editorial board members across the globe. We are committed to publish High quality researches, reviews in the form of articles in all the major domains of science.

Zygoscient offers scholarly articles to its viewers through open access initiative who are Scientists, researchers, students, professionals and faculties of varied scientific discipline.

Our journals allow unlimited access and download of scientific as well as academic articles for researches and references without any subscription charges.

Our mission

“The never ending quest for science is what makes it such a great discipline for studies. “

We understand the practical challenges faced by educators, academic and corporate researchers, clinicians for finding reliable high quality research information for bringing innovations and advancing in the existing. Our mission is to use our understanding to provide highly effective and reliable information which helps them in accelerating the pace of their research as well as help them in taking it to the next level and sometime do ground breaking innovation.

Our Vision

“A scientifically literate world.”

Our vision is to promote scientific literacy throughout the world. We publish articles that can be accessible by any person by going through our website. The best part is it’s free. We Organize seminars where the presenters present their research work on an open platform.

Our Value

“We are committed to provide authenticated and genuine research to the world.”

We do not publish any polarized article from existing published work. However, we accept commentaries on those if they meet standards set by our journals.