All Manuscripts submitted to ZygoScient are subjected to blind peer review process, where all the manuscript goes through 2 peer reviews. ZygoScient maintains identity of the reviewers by not disclosing their name to the author. This ensures unbiased assessment of review process as well as quality of the article.

Reviewers are advised to consider following aspects while reviewing a manuscript.

Reporting of original results

The facts and figures and the results presented on the manuscript must be authentic work of author. They should not be copied or polarized from existing published work. For example new clinical trial can be considered for publication.

Experiments and analysis

Author must follow and meet highest technical standard while conducting experiments and analysis, and the process should be described systematically. The research presented in a manuscript should facilitate in reaching accurate conclusion form the statistics, analysis.

Interpretation of results

Results in the manuscript should be interpreted in an appropriate manner, clearly explaining the outcome of the research; incomplete interpretation can result in rejection of the manuscript.

Language of composition

Author should write the manuscript in English in a clear and direct style, free from grammatical error and other linguistic inconsistencies. All pages should be numbered sequentially. Authors can contact our service team for any assistance, if needed.

Experiments involving Human and Animal

Research involving human and animal should meet the highest possible international ethical standard for experimentation and research integrity.